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First-time Use

Why do I need to Log In to use Splenvid?
In order to automatically create amazing movies for you and your friends, Splenvid needs to upload your captured moments to the cloud. These moments can then be stored safely and securely using your account credentials. Your movies are private until you decide to share them.
Why should I give Splenvid access to Location Services?
Splenvid uses location information from your captured moments to build a video narrative of your experiences. Location information provides the context for each scene. It also lets Splenvid know what videos and photos should be shared between friends. Sharing can occur automatically when friends are in the same place at the same time.
Why should I give Splenvid access to Notification Services?
Splenvid uses Notification Services to perform background uploads of your content. Splenvid relies on notifications to let you know when your movies are ready to enjoy.
Why should I give Splenvid access to my Photo Album?
By giving Splenvid access to your Photo Album, you can enjoy your Splenvid-created movies while also having access to your photos and videos from the standard Photo Album. Without this access, you will not be able to import Splenvid-captured photos and videos to iPhoto or other services.
Why does Splenvid need access to my Microphone?
In order to record videos, Splenvid needs access to your device's microphone. In some countries, you will also need to grant access to your device's camera.
What are the hardware and software requirements for Splenvid?
Splenvid currently supports Apple iPhone 3GS and newer devices. Splenvid requires iOS 5.1 and newer versions.


Can I use Splenvid instead of the built-in camera? Or do I have to capture everything twice if I want to later import things into iPhoto?
By default, Splenvid will copy captured photos and videos to your Photo Album so you can use them with iPhoto or other services. For everyday photos and videos, you can absolutely use Splenvid as your capture app (with the added benefit of amazing Splenvid movies created for you). If you want to disable this functionality, you can go to "Menu > Settings” and disable "Auto-copy to Photo Album”.
Why does it sometimes take an extra second after I take a photo or video before I can take another?
Copying captured photos and videos to your Photo Album takes a bit of extra time. You can disable this feature by going to "Menu > Setting” and then disabling "Auto-Copy to Photo Album”. Keep in mind that if you disable this functionality, you won't have access to your Splenvid-captured photos and videos from iPhoto or other services.
Why can't I capture videos in portrait orientation?
Splenvid is designed to make your movies look their best and movies always look better in landscape orientation. (Just say NO to vertical video) If you want to override the orientation nag, press-and-hold the record button to start your recording.
What if I only take photos?
No problem. Splenvid will create a movie based on your photos.


Can I take photos and videos with other apps?
Yes. Splenvid can import photos and videos from your Photo Album. Keep in mind though that Splenvid can create more sophisticated, collaborative movies if location information is available. To import, go to "Menu > Import Moments”.
Why can I only import a certain number of moments at a time?
Since Splenvid is a free service, we have limits on the number of items you can import at a time. Premium Splenvid accounts are allowed unlimited uploads.
Can I use my photos and videos from Facebook?
Yes. If you give Splenvid permission to access your Facebook photos and videos, you can pull them into Splenvid using the Import function.


What if I don't want to wait until I'm on a WiFi network to upload my content?
Splenvid can use your cellular data plan to upload your moments. Go to "Menu > Settings” and enable "Sync Without WiFi”. Please note that transferring large files may result in significant charges depending upon your data plan.
What can I do if I'm traveling and don't want Splenvid to send any data?
Splenvid is a perfect travel companion but we understand that sometimes you don't want to use local carrier services. You can put Splenvid into "offline mode” by tapping Menu and then Settings. There you can enable Offline Mode. Just be sure to turn it off when you get back home.
I'm on WiFi and none of my moments are uploading. Why?
First, make sure you are not in offline mode. To check, go to "Menu > Settings” and make sure "Offline Mode” is set to off. In order for Splenvid to start uploading your newly-captured moments, you need to open the app. Once opened, Splenvid will start uploading and you can close the app. Splenvid will continue uploading in the background, but may not be able to upload everything if you have a slow network connection or if you disconnect from the WiFi network during the upload. For best upload results, be sure to plug in your device when you're on WiFi.
I'm on WiFi and I opened the app but nothing is uploading. Why?
First, make sure you are not in offline mode. To check, go to "Menu > Settings” and make sure "Offline Mode” is set to off. Uploads should start automatically, but if you want to nudge it along, do a pull-to-refresh in the Manage tab.
Why did only some of my moments get uploaded?
If you had a large number of captured moments or a slow network connection, Splenvid may not have been able to upload all of them. You can re-start the app to resume uploads.
Does the iOS "User Cellular Data For” Splenvid setting mean that Splenvid will use my data plan for uploading stuff?
No. By default, Splenvid will only use your cellular data plan for basic communications with the Splenvid cloud. Splenvid will wait until you are on a WiFi network before uploads your moments. If you wish, you can allow cellular data uploading within Splenvid. To use this feature go to "Menu > Settings” and enable "Sync Without WiFi”. Please note that transferring large files may result in significant charges depending upon your data plan.

Managing moments

How do I select which moments will be in my movie?
By default, Splenvid will use all of your day's moments in your movie. If you don't want it to use particular moments, you can delete them if they belong to you, or disable them if they belong to friends. To delete or disable an item, switch to the Manage tab and swipe-right across the item. For moments that you own, you will see a Trash button appear that you can press to confirm the deletion. If you delete a moment, it will also no longer appear in any friends' movies.
How does Splenvid know what to share with my friends?
Splenvid uses location information to decide what to share. Moments are shared if you and your friends are in the same place at the same time. This is why it is important to give Splenvid access to Location Service. Without that information Splenvid can't know which moments you are sharing together.
I see placeholders for my friends' moments in my Manage feed but can't see their photos or videos. Why?
Chances are your friends have not yet upload their photos and videos to the Splenvid cloud. You can keep these moments enabled and Splenvid will alert you when the movie is ready. No need to keep checking for them, they'll be included in the final video once available.
I took a photo/video that I really need to delete. How do I remove it from Splenvid?
If you need to delete a moment, you can swipe-right across it in the Manage tab. After doing so a Trash button will appear which you can press to confirm the deletion. Please note that deletion is permanent! You may also want to delete the copy in your Photo Album if you had "Auto-Copy to Photo Album” enabled in Settings.
How do I remove certain moments from a Splenvid movie?
Once a moment is deleted from the Splenvid app, any movies that included this moment will be recreated without it.
Can I split my day into multiple Splenvid movies instead of a single movie?
If you want to create multiple movies you can swipe-left across a moment in the Manage tab. A Divider button will appear that you can tap to add a divider separating your moments. To remove a divider, swipe-right across it and press the subsequent Trash button.

Preview and Share

Why does my movie have a generic person icon?
The icons in your Splenvid movies identify the person who captured the moment. The generic icon is a placeholder for those users have not yet updated their Profile. To set your profile picture, go to "Menu > Profile”. Then press the "Edit” button in the upper-right to change profile settings.
My movie didn't get created. Why?
In order to create a compelling video narratives, Splenvid needs a minimum amount of content to work with. Try capturing more videos and photos.
Do I have to share my Splenvid movies?
No. Feel free to use Splenvid as a video journal of your life. Splenvid movies are private when they're created, so you share only the movies you want to. If you do want to share your Splenvid movies, you can do so over email, Facebook, or Twitter.


I keep getting an available Wifi networks popup every time I start the Splenvid app. Why?
If you're in areas with a lot of Wifi hotspots, this could be really annoying. When Splenvid starts, it always checks to see if there's a Wifi connection available. Your phone, in turn, may ask you which new Wifi networks you want to join. This is an iOS feature that is easy to disable. Go to the iOS Settings app and choose "WiFi”. At the bottom of the list, you will see a switch labeled "Ask to Join Networks”. Tap the switch to turn off this feature. In the future, you will still be able to manually join networks but this eliminates the annoying popups.
Is Splenvid using my battery when it's not running?
Yes, but only a tiny amount. Splenvid uses "background location tracking” which detects major location changes based on cell towers and this uses a small amount of power. If your battery is draining too quickly, it is likely not related to the Splenvid app.
My question isn't answered here, how can I get some assistance?
Please email us at
How can I submit feedback and feature requests?
Please email us at You can do this from within the app by going to "Menu > Send Feedback”.


What information does Splenvid collect from me?
Splenvid collects the information necessary to automatically create Social Movies for you and your friends. If you allow Location Services access, Splenvid will note the time and location that you capture your moments. Splenvid employs background location tracking to approximate your location using cell towers. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.
How do I make my profile private, so that no one can search for me?
You can make your profile private in the Profile settings. Go to "Menu > Profile” and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click the "Edit” button in the upper-right and change the setting from "Public” to "Locked(Private)”. Private accounts cannot be viewed by anyone, including your friends. However, friends can find you directly if they know your Splenvid username.
What is Splenvid's Privacy Policy?
Please see our Privacy Policy
What are Splenvid's Terms of Use?
Please see our Terms of Use

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